Makers' Space

The tweens (grades 4-8) at today's 2pm Makers' Space program, will get hands-on with engineering experiments led by Mrs. Bengson and Mrs. Mills!  Join us for a summer of Ivory soap souffles, robots, marble runs, polymer balls, catapults, slime, and miniature zip lines!  

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Crafty Kids

Visit the library today at 2pm to create crafts!  Crafty Kids is the perfect program for crafters in grades K-6.  Mrs. Mills includes math skills in every program.  Join us for a summer of pop-up cards, room-sized timelines, Piet Mondrian, compass art, string-and-peg art, fingerprinting, and smoothies!

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Come in to the library at 10:30am for WonderKids!  Mrs. G will lead our K-3rd grade participants in conducting science experiments with every day objects!  Join us for a summer of Oreo moons, Robot Zots, clouds, pancakes, and more!

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Books and Blocks

Drop in for books, blocks, puppets, puzzles, coloring and play stations from 10:30 a.m. until 11:15 a.m. After children clean up the toys, there is a story followed by circle time dances. Social skills and early literacy skills are enhanced in this interactive program, led by Mrs. G, which fosters the love of books and the library for the young child.

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